Started Working on the Idea

I've been running my personal blog on WordPress for some years now, and I am pretty confident in how to get the most out of WordPress. Even so, I had considered moving my blog to a different place, but didn't find something I really liked, and didn't feel worth the hassle.

Then, I needed another blog for Iteretta. I want to create more content for it, however I didn't want to maintain another WordPress website, and couldn't find something that fitted my needs.

👉 Custom Domains

👉 Markdown

👉 Hosted

👉 No need for complicated configuration to get the best from it

👉 Allow multiple blogs per user (for myself and my projects)

👉 Allow multiple users per blog (in case I need content creators)

So I decided to start building what I was looking for.

Worst case scenario, I'd end with a good blog for myself and my projects 😁

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