Update #10: New Editor, New Docs

This update took longer than I thought it would, I kept wanting to finish “one last thing” before sending it out which then somehow turned into 6 weeks 😅.

What’s New?

Cached Images

If you add an external image to your Swish post, we now download this image to serve through Swish.

What this means for you is that you never need to worry about your images breaking. Whether or not the original source moves or deletes the image, your post will continue to work as expected.

On your Swish blog, the logo and title in the navigation bar link to the homepage of your blog. However, it is now possible to make it link to a different URL, for example, your main website.

The option to do this is under Settings > Theme.


The documentation has gone through a huge rewrite to make it far more useful. We have also added a link from the dashboard to the documentation so it Is easier to find when you need it.


A new what you see is what you get editor has been added to Swish. The current Markdown editor is not going away though, it will continue to exist for anyone who prefers to write in Markdown.

From the Beginning, Swish has always used a Markdown editor, however, I have been told that some users would prefer to not have to write or learn markdown. This is also in line with Swish’s goal of being a tool that gets out of your way and is easy to use.

The choice of which editor to use will be in the hands of the specific user, so even if you have multiple authors on the same blog, they do not have to use the same editor, each author can pick the editor they feel most comfortable with.

While this new editor will eventually be the default, for now, you would have to opt in to try it out. Go to the Preferences page to switch.

UI Changes

Some general UI polish, especially for the dashboard. As the product added more features, the dashboard started to look a bit cluttered. We have moved things around to make it overall easier to navigate.

What’s Next?

Here are some things we have planned,

  1. Polish the new editor
  2. Make the post editing page even more immersive
  3. Allow images to be searched and added directly from Unsplash.
  4. New integrations.

As always, I am open to suggestions:

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