Update #2: RSS Feeds, Search and UX Improvements

It's been a week since the last update, so here's some information on how it been going.

Shipped features

RSS feeds: All blogs now have RSS feeds on blog.swish.ink/feed.xml

Search: There's now a search bar on the header of every blog.

Dashboard UX: Some updates were made to the dashboard from the feedback that I've gotten.

In the last update, I did plan to ship custom featured images and logo uploads. Sadly, implementing search took longer than expected, but those should ship in the next few days.

Planned features

Logo upload: The ability to upload an image to be used as a blog logo. This image will be used to generate a favicon, and also be used on the background of the generated post images. This was planned to be shipped this week, will be ready in a few days.

Custom featured images: The ability to set your own featured image. Also going to ship in a few days.

Analytics: This one is unlikely to ship within the next week, but it's already being worked on. You'll be able to see your pageviews and other nice metrics on how your blog is doing.

Keep the feedback coming

I've gotten a great amount of feedback already, please keep it coming.

As always, you can reply to this email, or send me a new one at stephen@swish.ink with any feedback or suggestions you have.

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