Update #3: UI Improvements and Customisation

Hello, heres an update on what's been going on with Swish over the past week.

Post descriptions

Now, post descriptions are automatically generated from the first few sentences in a post. For those who want more control, a description can be manually added in the post settings.

Post descriptions show up on the listing pages, it is also added as the meta description for search engines (e.g. Google).

Suggested posts

At the bottom of each post, up to 2 posts will be suggested to the reader. The suggested posts are based on the title, tags and description (if one was manually set), so it's likely to be relevant to the post being read.

Helps Docs

Swish now has a docs page at https://swish.ink/docs. It will contain various information about how to use the product, there's only a few pages there now, but it will grow over time.

From the blog settings page, you can now add a navigation menu to your blog. This is a number of links that will be placed in the header, next to the search box.

More info in this help article.

Logo upload

As promised, you can now upload a logo to your blog. It is best that it is a square image. More info here.

From the logo, different assets will be generated.

  • A favicon to show in browser tabs
  • A bookmark icon when your blog is bookmarked
  • A background image for all the auto-generated post images

It is now possible to set your own image as the custom image for your blog posts. You can find the option in the post settings.

What's next?

  • Landing Page: Swish is overdue for a landing page. However, it has to be a good one.
  • Open Registration: Along with the landing page, I want to open up registrations so that people who get to the landing page can sign up if they like the product.
  • Demo account: I'm also thinking of making it possible to sign in with a demo account so that prospective users can have a feel of the product before signing up.
  • Pricing: Likely not going to be implemented this week, but the price points and what features should be available at each price point needs to be decided soon.
  • Analytics: Still thinking of the best way to implement this in a privacy focused way. Don't want to have to put up cookie consent notices on every page.

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