Update #7: Updated Pricing, Imports, Notifications and Analytics

Hello, it been a while since the last update. Really wanted to send it out sooner, but needed to polish a few things here and there.

What's New?


The analytics integration in the dashboard is done. You can see how your blog and posts are doing.

The data available only starts from 23rd January, so please keep that in mind.


If you notice at the button of the sidebar, there is now a notifications page. It was only a matter of time before we added one.

There will definitely be things that would require your attention, and notifications are necessary for this.
Right now, they only show up in the dashboard, maybe sometime in the future it will be possible to get an email if you have some unread notifications.


It is now possible to import from a Medium or DEV integration. Many thanks to Shalvah who used both imports for his blog and helped me catch some bugs.

If you have been blogging on another platform, and you'd like to be able to import your posts, let me know so I prioritize that when adding new import sources.

Updated Pricing

After some feedback, we decided to change a few things about the pricing. All paying subscribers were contacted to communicate the change and have been moved to the new plan.

Check out more details of the plan here.

What's Next?

For the next couple weeks, the main focus will be reaching out to potential users. I believe the people who would find Swish most useful are companies and individuals who are posting articles regularly, but are using Medium/DEV as their primary platform.

I believe that some of them would love the ability to easily move (thanks to the imports), while keeping their current distribution channels since the Swish blog can automatically syndicate to Medium/DEV.

If you know anyone who fits this, I would really appreciate if you can point me in their direction 🙏🏾.

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