Getting your Blog Started with Swish

Starting a blog can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. Every step of the process is demanding - researching your audience, deciding on a niche for your blog, and setting up your blog.

For the purpose of this article, the assumption is that you have decided on your audience and a niche for your blog. You are most likely reading this because you have trouble answering the question “how do I set up my blog?” Well, here comes Swish to the rescue!

If you have not figured out a niche for your blog, you are in good company. We wrote on how to find your niche and write for your audience

For small content teams looking to start a blog, we wrote about features in Swish that makes collaboration easier. You can read all about it here.

What’s Swish?

Swish is designed to make sure you spend less time managing your blog than you do writing. With Swish, you never have to worry about the technicalities involved in setting up a blog; all you need is an email address, confirming your password and you can start blogging. Setting up a modern-day blog has never been easier; Swish automatically optimises SEO, makes your blog responsive, has a clean look and your blog visitors have an Ad-free experience.

Is Swish free?

There is an option to set up a free account on Swish. However, we also have paid plans that allow for more flexibility on your blog. You can read about our pricing model here.

How do I set up an account?

You can create your blog here. To create your blog on Swish, all you need is your email address, confirm your password and choose a payment plan that works for you.

Can I customize my blog?

Yes, it is your blog and we will love to see your creativity shine through. There are different levels of customization available across the different pricing options we have. As a free user, you can add a logo, navigation menu, pick a theme and colour for your blog. There is a lot more flexibility available for you as a paid user and you can read all about our pricing model here.

How am I sure my blog is secure?

Your blog is served through a secure integration. SSL certificates are fully managed by Swish on all domains.

Have more questions about Swish?

If you run into any trouble setting up your blog on Swish, you can always email or send us a message on Twitter.

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