Update #5: Collaborate with Multiple Users

Here's what's been happening with Swish over the last 2 weeks.

What's New?

Multiple Users per Blog

It is now possible to invite multiple users to your blog. Since you wouldn't want everyone to have the same levels of access, there's a permissions system which allows you to select what each user has access to. There's also a few predefined roles which you can easily use.
Invites are sent by email and have to be accepted. This is to prevent someone being randomly added to blogs.

Check it out and please share your feedback.

What's Next?

Cross-posting to other platforms

For better distribution, it is very common to re-post an article on multiple platforms. This is something I do myself.

Soon, you should be able to link your blog to an account (or publication) on different platforms, and then Swish will automatically re-post every published post to these platforms.
Of course, the canonical URL will be set to link correctly to the original article.

The platforms I intend to first work on are:

👉 Medium

👉 Dev.to

👉 Hashnode

If there's any platform you'd like Swish to support, just reply to this email to let me know.

Thank You

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