Update #8: Pretty URLs, Custom Fonts, More customisation

Here are the features that we've shipped since the last update

Pretty URLs

Previously, every post URL ended with the ID of the post, which is 36 characters long. This is no longer the case.
Published posts are now assigned a unique slug when they are first published, but you can set it manually in the post settings.

Custom Fonts

There is now an option to set cutom fonts for the headings and body text on your blog, along with setting the primary color, your blog can now more closely match your brand.

Hide Featured Images in Post Grid

An option to hide featured images in the post grid is now present in the customization options. This is nice when going for a more minimalist look.

UX Improvements

  • On the pages tab of analytics page, there is now a link to visit the page.
  • Some other dashboard sections are now split into tabs to make things easier to use. For example, the Customize page and the integration settings page.
  • On the Integrations page, tags to show what each integration type supports, and for current integrations, whether these abilities are turned on.

New Integrations

We've added some more integrations which you can seamlessly connect to your blog with a few clicks.


Disqus is of course, one of the most popular comment hosting platforms, and when thinking of ways to add comments to a blog, Disqus was of course at the top of the list.


I came across Blogstreak on Indie Hackers and I felt it was quite elegant.
Gives the ability to add a Medium-style Clap and a comments section to your website. I also had a good time collaborating with and giving feedback to Raja Simon

Adding Blogstreak to your Swish blog will only take you a few clicks.


The Twitter integration will automatically share new posts to your Twitter account.
Personally I find this really handy since I tend to share new posts to my Twitter account anyway 😅.

What's Next

Working on adding more integrations. If you have any integration you'd like to see, let me know. You can:

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