9 Websites to Pick Free Images for your Blog Post

The importance of using images in your blog posts cannot be overemphasized; visuals in your content incentivizes people to click or keep reading. Using a high-resolution image that communicates the essence of your blog post as your featured image will attract more people to click. Here’s a checklist by Hubspot for selecting relevant images for your blog post. We have also curated 8 websites where you can get free, high-resolution images for your blog posts.

Pro-tip for searching for images: Use keyword(s) that is a recurring theme of your blog post to narrow down your search and find relevant images.

Burst by Shopify

An initiative by Shopify to support small business owners with stock images, it is a great collection of free, high-quality stock photos. Although you can find a variety of stock photos here, this is a great resource for finding visuals to support productivity, organisational culture and entrepreneurship content types.

Creative Commons

With over 500 million images available for reuse, you can easily search for a diverse range of free, quality images here. It is important to learn about the CC licenses to ensure your use of the image is fair.


Select the perfect visual(s) for your content from over 6,000 free, high-quality and attribution-free images.


Select the perfect visual(s) for your content from over 1,000, 000 free, high-quality and attribution-free images.

Negative Space

Negative Space categorizes its variety of free to use stock images; on the landing page, you can easily click on any of these pre-defined categories to start your search.

CreateHER Stock

Finding free stock images of black people can be tasking. CreateHERstock offers a collection of photos for black people. There are free to use pictures available here. The premium plan is decently-priced and offers more images to choose from.


All images here are free-to-use and free of copyright restrictions.

Moose by Icons8

Images on Moose are the perfect images to overlay texts on; free, high-quality, downloadable images with lots of white spaces.


With an array of high-quality and free images to select from, Pixabay is also a great place to find videos, illustrations and vector graphics.

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